Ricaricando di Marina Ferrari comply with BIO ECO COSMESI AIAB and DETERGENZA PULITA AIAB standards as stated on the certification n. 006/CA/2012 and 002/DA/2012 issued by QCertificazioni s.r.l.

The products have proved to be conform to the above mentioned standards requirement, please note below the key points:
  • Promote the use of raw materials from organic agriculture  (in the INCI list is necessary to highlight certified ingredients);
  • Avoid the use of raw material obtain from or by GMO;
  • Avoid the irradiation of the finished product with lonizing radiation as well as the use of irradiated ingredients;
  • Guarantee the absence of ingredients that are considered possibly harmful for human health;
  • Guarantee the absence  of environmentally questionable materials;
  • Allow the use of authorized ingredients only, providing a list of substances that cannot be used for the production of AIAB Organic Cosmetics
  • Guarantee the use of enviromentally-friendly packging promoting the use of raw materials that don’t release monomers hazardous to the human health and to the environment;
  • Reduction of unnecessary packaging or non- recycable packaging

AIAB - Detergenza pulita AIAB - Bio Eco Cosmesi


Ricaricando’s products are:

Ricaricando use Organic-certified ingredients.
biogaranzie_01 They do not contain: parabens, silicone, sodium laureth sulfate (sles), polyethylene glycols (pegs), artificial colours, genetically modified organisms (gmo)
biogaranzie_02 There’s no use of: Ionizing radiation, hormones or pesticides during the
production process. They are produced in small quantities to guarantee the freshness of both the products and the ingredients.
biogaranzie_03 They’re VEGAN: ingredients, formulas or finished products ARE NOT tested on animals.
biogaranzie_04 Are made with demineralized, UV purified water that undergoes a constant microbiological examination.
biogaranzie_06 Are branded and Certified by AIAB BIO ECO COSMESI. This certification was released and renewed after continuous controls of the process, ingredients and final products.

Subject to these tests:

biogaranzie_07 Are DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED which means that the product was reviewed by a dermatologist and a study was carried out on human volunteers.
biogaranzie_04 MICROBIOLOGICALLY TESTED This test guarantees hygienic safety and the preservation of the finished product.